Emily Miller, Director of Patient Services

Director of Patient Services

Emily Miller is an experienced healthcare leader with a strong background in customer service and clinical laboratory management. With over 11 years of industry experience, Emily has gained expertise in various areas, including process improvement, automation initiatives, department metrics, standard operating procedures, and employee development.

In her most recent role, Emily was responsible for leading a multi-regional, full-service medical laboratory call center. This position required her to oversee the operations of the call center, ensuring efficient and high-quality customer service to patients and healthcare providers. Additionally, she spearheaded process improvement and automation initiatives to streamline operations and enhance productivity. Emily also played a key role in building department metrics to measure performance and track progress.

Throughout her career, Emily has achieved notable accomplishments and awards. One such achievement was leading the implementation of contact center software, which involved integrating new technologies to improve communication and efficiency within the call center.  Emily was awarded the CEO Award for Innovation in 2019 for implementing an automation strategy within the call center, and her organization's Healthcare Professional Hero Award in 2022 for which she was nominated by her team. She has also been successful in managing hospital integrations, ensuring smooth transitions and effective collaboration between different healthcare entities.

Outside of her passion for patient care, Emily enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband, two sons, and pets. She has recently developed a passion for horticulture, which involves the study and cultivation of plants. Emily also finds joy in listening to music and taking day trips on weekends.