Daniel Shurman, M.D., C.E.O.

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Shurman, MD, is the CEO and co-founder of Dermatology Partners.

After completing his Mohs Fellowship and working for a number of years for a multi-location group in Pennsylvania, Dr. Shurman wanted to strike out and start his own group with the goals of excellent patient care, high quality support and systems, and a model of practice which helps each individual doctor provide the best care possible.

In 2012, he and Andrew Frankel started Pennsylvania Dermatology Partners in Reading, Pennsylvania, quickly expanding and attracting a variety of doctors to our practice model.

While focusing much of his time on perfecting his Mohs practice and care for his dedicated patients, Dr. Shurman also finds time to attend to the goals and direction of the practice and sets the vision for delivery of patient care.

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